Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Technically Ashtyn's second official Easter; but it's the first one where she actual got to enjoy the festivities.
I love firsts with my kids, especially holidays. It makes me feel young again enjoying all the magic. 
It was a pretty mellow Easter. Church with Garrett's dad, then  we had dinner with his mom, and in between we ate candy and hunted for eggs. Bentley did most of the hunting, and Ashtyn found a few before she got distracted playing 'run away from mom and dad' that little stink. 
All-in-all a beautiful Sunday, and a great way to celebrate our Savior. It is because of him and the atonement that I am able to repent on the daily, be sealed to my husband for all eternity, and be with my whole family again. My love for Him in enormous that I can't even imagine His love for me. He lives. 
Now, on to a plethora of pictures. #sorrynotsorry

The next few photos are my attempt at getting them both smiling in the same picture....

This is how Ash smiles... I don't even want to fix it. haha

This little boy is the biggest goof... I can barely get a serious picture out of him. Again, not going to try to fix it. :)

My handsome man.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ashtyn's ONE!!

Miss Ashtyn turned one!! I can't believe how quickly that first year flies by. I wasn't even able to get all her updates done on here.
We had a little family party for her. I had a larger themed party for Bentley's first birthday (slide show, home-made smash cake and all), but let's face it I am not a party planner and this is not the first baby, so I went the easy route this time and bought a cake and a balloon and called it good. Poor second baby. haha 

My little sister, Anna and her husband, and my Mom and step-dad made the trip down for Ashtyn's party. It was so sweet of them to come, it made the weekend that much better. It's not very often that my family is here for the kids' birthdays. Sadly, Garrett was pretty sick that day. So he didn't make and appearance until the end of the party.

She was spoiled with attention and sugar, and I think that she fully enjoyed that.  

Here are her updates:

-Miss Ashtyn, you are still a tiny thing but have bumped up to the 10th percentile for weight at a whopping 16 lbs. 
-I have you wearing 12 month clothes, but let's face it, those are way to big. I just don't want to buy smaller clothes and have you grow out of them in 2 weeks. So you just have the saggy pants style right now.
- You figured out how to walk at 10 months and have been on the move ever since. You use that talent to follow your brother wherever he goes.
- There is not a cupboard you don't try to get into. Just to keep you out of the dangerous ones, I have given in and let you get into the ones with all the plastic dishes. And my make-up will never be safe again.
- Your teeth are coming in slowly and out of order, which honestly just makes you that much cuter. Right now you have your 2 bottom and your upper right lateral. No one can resist that half gummy smile.
- You nap like a champ, but still can't sleep through the whole night in your own bed. That's partly our fault, it's too much work to try to get you back to sleep, so we just bring you back to bed with us. 
- Your pacifier and your blankey are your best friends. You take them with you everywhere. We try to hide the pacis but you always manage to find one. 
-You LOVE to dance. Anytime a song comes on you start to bounce (even in your sleep), you have the cutest little dance moves that consist of squat bouncing and moving your arms side-to-side. You also love to lead music. Anytime we sing at church you are sure to stand up, make eye contact with the chorister and start swinging your arm up and down.  
- You still don't say many words and refuse to use sign language even though you know it. You can say 'bye' and 'dada' which makes your dad pretty proud. Other than that, you use various screams to communicate. We're working on it. ;)
- You are our baby girl! We are so obsessed with you and couldn't imagine our family without you. I would tell you to stay little, but I know that won't happen. So for now, I am just gonna enjoy you, every little bit of you. :)